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Strategic Security Corporation. Securing Risk

Strategic Security Corp. (SSC) is a full-service risk management, private law enforcement security firm that assists organizations proactively by anticipating and managing risk which can transform workplace issues, such as employee safety, operational risk and emergency preparedness into opportunities for growth and improvement. SSC offers law enforcement and military skills that were once the preserve of governments. Our essential purpose is to enhance the capability of a client's operations to function better in a crisis and to deter conflict or unrest more effectively while experiencing zero loss runs.

SSC works with clients to provide solutions based on an organization's objectives, vulnerabilities, assets, geography and infrastructure. It eliminates the need to utilize multiple vendors to mitigate and manage risks, providing a clear chain of command in crisis. In addition to corporate customers, SSC can also provide intelligence support to business or government operations.

Since 2002, as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), Strategic Security Corp symbolizes the growth of a new and booming sector of the private law enforcement economy, one that which private companies entrust with us tasks that had previously been preserved for law enforcement or government agencies. What we are referring to here is the process of deregulation of all levels of government, local, state and federal as fiscal crisis looms and there are mandatory furloughs of all Government workers which are already overstretched. Due to bureaucracy and budget constants there aren't enough police and law enforcement agents to do everything that needs doing. We assist in the filling the gaps and in the transformation of these local, state and federal organizations into faster, more nimble organizations.

What distinguished SSC from our competitors that are the 800 pound industry gorillas is the hands on personalized customer service you get with SSC long after a contract is signed. Every client is not a number to SSC and it's this philosophy that shows why Strategic's ability as a smaller organization enables us to use better trained, higher paid staff and to cut costs while out performing our competitors and the government.

Our staff is comprised of members from elite units within the intelligence gathering community and our executive management team is comprised of (former) high level government officials, military special forces and prestigious law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DHS, Secret Service, Customs, IRS and the Inspector General's Office. As such, they have unrivalled knowledge, expertise and operational experience. Their capabilities are reinforced by continual training and a state-of-the-art support infrastructure that includes our Global Operations and Risk Management Center (Strategic Security Corp.'s Counter Terrorism Unit, SSC CTU) that has been pre approved for Anti Terrorism Certification by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

With this vast experience, expert contacts, and high level security relationships around the world, SSC is well positioned to provide the highest degree of service at strategic, operational, and tactical levels for personnel in both high and low threat environments. SSC's staff, programs, and experience will propel it to the forefront in guard service industry and serve to protect customers and their infrastructure. Using their proprietary knowledge and contacts, the SSC can provide our clients the latest resources, training, and expertise to mitigate threats and reduce the risk of labor unrest, brand continuity, crime and terrorism.

Services Available

  Homeland Security Solutions
Providing counter terrorist physical and logical security countermeasures. Monitoring events worldwide, providing intelligence gathering, analysis, design and installation services to support commercial and government initiatives.
  Executive Security Services
Seasoned personnel protective detachments to assess threats toward high profile public figures, individuals, events and corporate facilities.
  Emergency Response And Disaster Recovery Services
Strategic Security Corp. has PRIVATE ARMED SECURITY AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT teams standing by to deploy to a region in the aftermath of natural, civil, technological disaster or terrorist attack anywhere within the country.
Hands on training based on red team reenactments, designed to prepare trainees for real life threats and scenarios.
  Business Investigations
Proactively exposing the underlying patterns and behaviors pertaining to fraud, corporate espionage, kidnap and ransom and financial irregularities. This will ensure decisive and pre-emptive actions can take place to eliminate liability and retrieve assets.
  Compliance & Integrity Services
Strategic Security Corp. works with public and private organizations, banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and other businesses to meet shifting compliance and integrity requirements around the world.
  Risk Mitigation & Crisis Management Consulting
Helping companies, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to risk, prevent chaos in a crisis and capitalize on business opportunities.
  Information Technology Services
Qualified IT professionals trained across all disciplines - audit, legal, management, operations and security.
  Intergrated Security & Life Safety
Design and systems integration of electronic security and life safety solutions that includes a truly integrated architecture of security, emergency evacuation, access control and CCTV software and hardware for corporate and other institutional facilities.